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YouTorrent launched – I’m impressed

I found a great new Torrent search engine that launched today. In my opinion it’s the best so far. The site is going to save me a lot of time because I often find that I need to search 5 or more popular torrent sites to find what i’m looking for. YouTorrent does an excellent job of combining searches of the 10+ major engines so that I don’t have to. I love anything that will save me time.

Essentially their servers scrape all the results and use this meta data to provide a really clean way of browsing torrents. There have been many attempts at this in the past, but I think YouTorrent has done it right.

I can see a lot of possibilities for more features to come out in the near future as well. Having a tooltip that displays comments on each result would be great. And how about linking directly to the .torrent? Not sure about the legality on that one.
Head over to YouTorrent.com and give it a try.

[story via TorrentFreak]

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