Comcast’s installation makes no sense, neither do their staff

ComcasticOnce again i’m left wondering where exactly Comcast comes up with their nonsensical policies. I brought up the idea to my roomates of canceling our currently overpriced TV/Internet package, and having them signup for a new “Special Deal”. The plan we had was for TV (with HBO) & “High-Speed” Internet for about $180/month. The special available now is for TV (With HBO and Starz), High Speed Internet, and Phone service – all for $129/month. I figured this would be a VERY easy switch: I cancel, roomate signs up, we get Starz and a new phone for less money. Of course I was wrong.

We drive to Comcast and turn in our 5 cable boxes, remotes, cables and modem. They promptly cancel my account, easy as pie. I thank him and my roomate then says he’d like to signup for their new 1-year special package deal. The guy was nice enough, took all his information and then started talking about the installation.

Comcast Rep: “The Installation is quite long, it takes about 4 hours. Also, we won’t be able to get someone to your house to install for about 2 weeks”.

Roomate: “Ummmm, how could it take 4 hours. I could take the cable boxes we just unplugged and plug them back in. There is no installation”.

Comcast Rep (shaking head): “You have it all wrong, it’s a big job, gotta test all the lines and stuff, plug in your boxes and stuff”.

I can’t for the life of me understand where they came up with this 4 hour installation. It’s completely crazy. On top of the inconvenience of having to wait for someone else to plug in a cable box, we also now have to wait 2 weeks for them to come install it. Amherst is a college town and there is almost nobody here right now since school is out of session. That means (almost) nobody is signing up for new accounts, or cancelling them.

Day 2 of 14 without TV or Internet. The roommates are ticked off that they have to do all their homework and TV watching from my office. Thank you Comcast!